Cats – predictors of earthquakes

Cats – predictors of earthquakes
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions do not freak minute, and some powerful planetary processes. Deep processes are slow. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, especially strong, preparing for a long time: over the years, thousands of years. Long-term accumulation of enormous amounts of tectonic energy can not pass without leaving a trace – there is no doubt that earthquakes, volcanic somehow notify people about their occurrence in many different signals. Perhaps we are only a small part of them know and just do not know how to listen to the warnings of our planet.

Another question arises: Can not be that accurate and reliable predictors of underground storm are at hand, and we do not know them, do not try to find, examine and bring in help?
Residents of the densely populated seismically active regions, probably the first to pay attention to the restless behavior of some animals before earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Currently, there are about 70 species of animals that have proven themselves as forecasters earthquakes, volcanic hazards, which we may call the “live seismographs.”
Common, even a shallow analysis of all collected data allows to distinguish two main types of behavioral responses of animals to the approaching earthquake or volcanic eruption brewing: the first – to change the overall emotional reactivity animal is not accompanied by purposeful behavior. It is noted the occurrence of uncertain anxiety, anxiety, reflected in increased motor activity, rising hair on end, shivering, BoE, etc. As a rule, such a diffuse anxiety occurs during earthquakes, or the relatively small magnitude, or in areas far from the epicenter, sludge is pretty big time before seismic activity. The second type of behavioral responses associated with the occurrence of goal-directed behavior. In most cases, this behavior has all the hallmarks of reactions that occur when a hazard. Thus, many domestic animals have a flight out of the premises, wild animals leave the burrows and migrate from areas of future earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Sensitive to the approach of many of the animals underground thunderstorms. Next, let’s talk only about the reaction of the representatives of the cat tribe. In anticipation of these earthquakes are usually calm, sometimes even seemingly lazy, graceful animals dramatically transformed. Some, such as it has been repeatedly observed in a state of great excitement become violent: haphazardly rushing through the rooms, claws scratching the door, trying to escape from the house. Others, ruffled fur, cowardly shaking, loud meow. Third, if they have kittens tend to carry them to another place, hiding with sons in different nooks and crannies. Fourth, probably the most sensitive to signals impending seismic events, silently leave their place of residence a few days before the cataclysm and returned to their owners only when the aftershocks are.
Anomalous behavior of cats were reported by some residents of Ashgabat earthquake before 5 October 1948.
The famous paroxysm Pelée in 1902. In mid-April 1902 summit of the volcano Mount Pelée Martinique began to smoke heavily. And this is after 50 years of restful sleep. April 23 at the town of Saint-Pierre dropped a small ash rain, and on May 6 stoop tens of thousands of cubic meters of hot ash. May 8 side of the volcano, facing the town of Saint-Pierre, opened. She pulled away from the scorching huge black cloud and roaring rushed down the hill. After a few seconds of Saint-Pierre disappeared under a huge blanket. All the inhabitants of the city were killed in less than a minute. So, the cat broke up with their hosts in advance, without waiting to explode Pelée. There is no doubt that the reasons that led the feline tribe to flee, were very, very significant. Only a sense of anxiety, overwhelming fear could cause cats to overcome their innate, very strong attachment to the habitats and run away from them without looking back.
Likewise did the cat who lived in Vestmannaeyjar in 1973 before the eruption Helgafeldlya (Iceland). They are together, one day before the eruption of the volcano, left the city. “If the volcano to think again” talk “- joke now reborn from the ashes of the residents Vestmannaeyjar – us in advance warn our cats.”
But very recent history. One admirer of cats to learn about this article, told me the following.
“I live in Irkutsk. This is an earthquake-prone area. In 1998, my cat behaved very strangely before an earthquake. Was hiding under the bed, meowed loudly, ran over all, as a ponytail. Afraid … and soon began pushing. Strashnovatenko was”
Thus, the person probably is accurate forecasters, or oracles of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as in the person of the only cats and all animals in general. The only question is how much a person is able to understand their predictions.